The Curious Case of Karla Singson, Her Donut Philosphy and Moving Forward

Admit it mga beshies, we love a good doughnut (DD pa rin for me though!), great deals and viral controversies of the so-called influencers. Gosh! I still miss Michelle Phan. Never forget the goddess.

So what exactly can we learn from Madam Karla’s post?

Coming from a so-called, trying hard, striving and thriving, self-proclaimed fifth-tier blogger myself…

Walang basagan ng trip!

A couple of years ago, I saw a yaya pushing a stroller in Fort Bonifacio and inside it was a… DOG! I purposely said BALIW because I wanted to feel like Gretchen Wieners for a day. When La Lola was newly opened in Powerplant and lines stretched from one end to the other, I made snide remarks to the people lining up, saying “over rated, over rated… Dulcinea pa rin mga ulol!” I also judged people wearing Bench and gays sporting their summer underwear collection as their DP in Grindr.

In the end, it just proved that I was an asshole and here I am today wearing a black Bench jogger loungewear pants at work every week because I just love it. Respect begets respect. #YouDoYou, basta wala kang tinatapakan.

J.Co peeps were lining up properly minding their own business. Maybe you should have used Zark Burger to prove a point instead?

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An Apology to Obar

In the truest and every sense of the word, I just want to say na I. AM. SORRYSORRY naaaa! Back in 2014, one half of the Manila becks were ‘butt hurt’ on how I judged them for going to O Bar instead of the other. These beklers cast a spell and bound me for doing harm. The other witty half however took it as light as feather. This resulted in the gay divide. (Read: O Bar vs. Bed Bar).

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The President Amongst Us

Who cares about the candidate’s platform when we know it’s not going to happen. Fetchy platform is not going to happen! With all this confusion, why not try to vote for a president that best represents a friend or a family member that we know?


Kubrador siya! Mag-ingat ka!

Take Binay for example. He is your co-worker who was placed under probation for failing to liquidate the contingency fund for unknown reasons. He awards suppliers and gets to take home a percentage of the budget in return for more projects with padded costs and bigger commissions. Next morning, naka iPhone 6+ na siya, hindi na siya kumakain sa pantry pero hindi pa rin siya marunong mag-english. Mabait naman siya, you get to have a drink or two together and joke about office work and family life. In the end, a dark soul coexists with a glowing person, it works pero one thing is for sure… kubrador siya! Kaya mag-ingat ka!

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Why Leni is My VP


Kalachuchi/ Plumeria/ Champa: Walking to the MRT outside Philam, a Kalachuchi tree shows her beauty. FYI, the kalachuchi symbolizes new birth or beginnings.

I was walking on my way to my grandmother’s house in Philam Homes, Quezon City to get my car parked at her place and drive home after a tiring day of work. You see, my weekday routine involves driving the car to Philam for free parking, greeting my 100-year old grandma with a beso, and walking to MRT North Avenue Station for a ride to CBD. My short walk going to my grandmother’s home was a bit different last night. I saw four titas dancing Zumba sa may sidewalk and noticed that one of the titas was actually Leni Robredo in her yellow and black ensemble.

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Philippine Election 2016: Who is Grace Poe?

This will be as a series of posts that will eventually lead to my decision on who to vote this presidential elections.

Pagaartista: Itutuloy ko ang ginawa ng tatay ko.

Pagaartista: Itutuloy ko ang ginawa ng tatay ko.

234 days before the election, Grace Poe officially announced her dreams to tend the gardens in the Palace of Malacanan. She is a newbie senator, a loving daughter of celebrity parents, and moves around the friendship circle of ousted president, womanizer, alcoholic, action star, and crook Erap Estrada (the late FPJ is a BFF of EEE). She is the older sister of Lovi (Kapuso starlet), and probably an inaanak of most of the old and decrepit Sampaguita Picture babies. In other words, she’s blessed to be shielded away from the realities of Las Islas Filipinas.

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A Tempura’s Science of Style

For as long as you carry yourself well, have that charming personality, a gift of gab, and ultimately wear anything with style, then you’re a tempura.

What is a tempura?


Famous hipons include Katrina Halili, Rayver Cruz, and Fitness First members.

Hipon/ Shrimp/ Butter Face: Everything’s nice but his/her face.


Famous lollipops include Geoff Eigenmann (if you’re not a chub chaser), Adele, and KC Concepcion.

Lollipop: Exactly the opposite of hipon/ shrimp/ butter face.

Tempura: A person exuding appeal not by looks or body figure, but by their style or porma. Famous tempuras include John Lloyd Cruz (if with a stylist), Karl Michael, Liz Uy, and my current crush, the Intern.

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Protected: Crush: the Cute Intern

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Review: Robust-ed Sex Pills, Sex Feels

I’m the type of person who’ll try anything just for experience. It’s a way to broaden my mind and add a story for that unique conversation starter with future dates. Standard Q&As about work, hobbies, even future plans bore me to death. On the other end of my weirdness, questions that revolve around unicorns and the forbidden make my heart skip a beat, which can eventually lead to sparks and Katy Perry fireworks.

A perfect opportunity to add another life experience AKA story presented itself last Sunday when Kuya sent a message:


Typical pasalubong for friends abroad: Argentina corned beef, Chocnut, Lucky Me, and Robust.

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Cheap Beauty Products That Work (Part 2)

Here’s a second serving for the cheapskate in you. Part one, here.

Ever Bilena Advance Studio Finish Stick Foundation


Available in shades of Anne Curtis, Heart Evangelista, Bianca Gonzales, and Nancy Binay

Back in college, we were required to sell this as part of our sales course. I became my own customer in order to pass a course whose sole requirement is to sell tocino and Ever Bilena cosmetics from Fani Serrano to F21. It took some time and convincing to find the right shade. As per usual, we gravitate towards espasol white. But just like marriage, once you find the right one… then it’s a bond hard to break. My shade is beige for contour and a touch of crème for highlight.

Tip: It might get a bit shiny as end of day approaches. So powder after application or blot every so often. Helller! How can you complain for less than P170 a pop (3 USD)? Likewise, the seal is a bit lose at times so store properly to avoid make-up mess due to spillage AKA make-up orgy.

Any help where I can get the Soleil shade? I thought beige was the Binayest shade of their product line, di pala.

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Travel: That ‘Hashtag LaBoracay’

Foam a distance

Foam a distance: The nonsense of it all is what actually makes it great.

It’s been almost a week since ‘Hashtag LaBoracay’. After leaving paradise turned hell and back in the concrete jungle that is Manila. I must admit. I. Miss. It. After the craziness (Yes, we love crazy), your body craves for another walk in douche land. Your lips thirst for another round of mojitos. Your skin wishes to salute the sun and sweat just glow. What’s strange is that the nonsense of it all is what actually makes it great.

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