Breaking it in. Loving it back.


Back in 2004, I created an online sanctuary to document the little escapades of my life from the occasional Welcome to the Zoo series to random kaartehans. Join me now in a new world that I created for your online pleasures.

I’ll take you through the journey of my life with the help of my crazy family and friends, love for Capoeira, pancit canton and JD Coke. It’s been quite some time since I’ve last written something so consider this as breaking it in and loving it back.

Girl, boy, bakla, tomboy. Butiki. Baboy.

I’m back bloggin’ loving yet again.


PS: If you need a refresher course on the beautiful garbage I create then click the following links:

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3. Letter To My Child
4. Spotting Manila Series
5. Welcome To The Zoo Series
6. Our Katulong Made Layas

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