It Gets Better.

Before you waste your time crying while scrubbing your body with sea salt in the shower thinking that what you are is down right dirty. Don’t! (Even though I did!). Skip the sea salt and switch to St. Ives Apricot Scrub, it never fails. Don’t forget to light a scented candle for relaxation.

Before you cross over the other side by slashing your wrist with a letter opener or downing a bottle of Phentermine, knowing that it’s the only way to stop the bullying. No! Never waste your time questioning Katy Perry why you are born the way you are because I can tell you right now that it does get better. It will get better.

To you batang bakla: Let them tease you 24/7. Embrace the foul words as if it’s your breakfast. Allow them to waste their time with intolerance so that their lives in the future will be nothing more than ordinary. They are after all afraid of things that they don’t know (I’m afraid of basketball. I don’t like basketball). In the end, history will recognize them as mere space. Better yet, fight back when they are not looking. Pour a bottle of dog poo inside their bag.

Turn your hurt into strength so in ten years time you will be better than them by simply being YOU.

We may not have the Trevor Project here in the third world, but the message is SIMPLE. IT GETS BETTER! I may not be a Hollywood celebrity. I am still in that search for an answer to be RICH in the things that I want and FAMOUS in the things that I do. But I am here, surviving… LIVING, because I know that it did get better! A lot better!

To you bullies: Why the hatred? Why the teasing? It’s not our fault that we were born beautiful, different, smarter and to some extent better than you. It’s not our fault that we got style and grace. It’s not our fault that we get the best of both worlds and it will definitely be not our fault that you will be fat by the time you’re 30 and we still manage to look hot. I’m just saying.

So parents, I am not asking for support to your children. That’s so baduy. The least thing you can do is to give acceptance. An acceptance of the truth that your children will be the best that they will be by simply becoming who they are. They will not burn in hell. Instead, they will slide on a rainbow in heaven sprinkling confetti and welcoming the newcomers in His gate. Likewise, they will not switch back to becoming conventional. Normal is overrated. It’s 2011 not 1652.

So to all of you, especially to the teacher who told my late dad that I have abnormal tendencies with matching waving her arms from left to right back in 1999. Times have changed, BITCH! I do not need psychiatric treatment; maybe a little derma session wouldn’t hurt? Gone are the days of the Neanderthal Man.

And just an update; the earth is round… not flat. We have already evolved from apes to humans. So if your brain failed to adapt in the Times of Now, then don’t bully us just because you’re not the fittest… and most beautiful.

So who’s gay now bitch?!?

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