Food: The Classic BM Roast Beef Sandwich is back!

A single bite and it suddenly brings back fond memories of 2005. We all have sweet horcruxes in our lifetime and the roast beef sandwich of Burger Machine is a part of mine just like West Ice cigarettes or Galleria is a part of yours.

It reminds me of how life was so simple and carefree back in those days, of how simple yet scrumptious a piece of whatever can complete your weekend. And now our lives are more complicated than ever and not even a simple something can make you feel giddy again.

Then suddenly out of nowhere, the sandwich returns. The same roast beef sandwich we always order from Mr. Burger Machine even if they’ve discontinued it for years ever hoping that a stall from the middle of everywhere kept a special stock of that sweet simple thing in life, which seems to taste like heaven whenever I’m bedazzled with alcohol on a Saturday evening.

The same juicy, MSG-spiked and strangely liquid roast beef filling poured on a plucked or spoon pressed pan de sal made by a Sous-chef is definitely back. It’s a good thing to feel giddy again from a bite of a simple something even if it’s not 2005 anymore. It’s nice to know that we can all feel giddy again.

What’s your sweet horcrux?

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3 Responses to Food: The Classic BM Roast Beef Sandwich is back!

  1. Parker says:

    And how did it taste? I don’t know if it is just me but every “classic” food that makes a comeback doesn’t seem to taste as good as it used to. Take Di Marks pizza for example. Maybe its due to our tastebuds that have evolved since then?

  2. is it the one where the beef is parang mumurahin? he he he of course i always order roast beef sandwich with cheese!!! and then I’ll have the Tosilog!!! Beautiful!

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