You’re Invited! Brasilipinas 2011

If you are poor and can’t afford to go to Brazil and experience this… like me.

Then go to Brasilipinas and get the same fly high energy.

It’s the time of the year again when we celebrate Carnaval in Manila! And being true antipodes with Brazil, we (including YOU!) will be celebrating Brasilipinas 2011 on March 04 (Friday) 8PM at the Rockwell Tent.

I’ve been having a good time since Hotel Celeste was Mars and Brasilipinas somehow always tops my list because it’s close to my heart. I am shamelessly plugging this because people always ask me if they can go even if they’re not Capoeiristas.

Anuvah! Come one, come all! It’s not just about Capoeira. It’s about the love for celebration. It’s the love of shaking your bootie to the beat of the drums. It’s about falling in love with the music and dancing the Friday night away for good vibrations. It’s definitely having a good time with your friends. And I’m sure you will. Not because it’s a weekend, but because it’s Brasilipinas!

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  1. Parker says:

    I missed this last year and I heard it was great. Will do my best to make it this year!

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