Food: Korean Ice Cream (Part 1)

Asians are just crazy; Pepsi Paloma “it’s a crazy planets” kind of crazy. Just watch the commercial! Funny, creative, weird kind of crazy. I love it. Filipinos on the other hand aren’t Asians. We’re too white to be orient, and we’re too orient to be white. We’re culturally bisexuals.

This just got me thinking about ice cream! Korean ice cream is just like Forrest Gump’s box of chocolate. You really never know what you’re gonna get until you open it. There’s so many out there and I want to try them all. Some days you get frozen milk and at times you just bite into eyes scream heaven!

Got myself an Upgrade Bar because it’s on sale… or expired. The pack got me thinking of Beyoncé. It’s like their version of Ice Buko with mashed black beans inside, mas sushal. I’d say not worth it, but if you love everything about beans then you’ll get your money’s worth. This ice with beans costs around 40 bucks. Ice Buko on the other hand costs like 5… with a dash of diarrhea. I’d still go with our own dirt.

This could be the gayest ice cream name ever. JEWEL ICE BAR. Simply frozen milk with ice bits. If you love grits on your cream, this one is for you. It lacks flavor for me though. This cream with ice costs around 30 bucks.

This is obviously some sort of a watermelon popsicle of whatever. I love everything melon! Watermelon, cantaloupe, honey dew, Crenshaw… everything melon I love! Bath and Body Works Cucumber watermelon (which is a staple back in high school), air freshener in fruity melon scent, and even melon flavored Happee Toothpaste back in 94! The more artificially flavored melon it is, the more I love it! Then this! The watermelon flavor is just too watery and real for me, and the seeds aren’t seeds at all but beans.

My Korean Ice Cream Saturday seems to be quite unlucky. Might as well move it on a Sunday then.

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