Infidelity Caught at La Mert

While I was at La Mert (chica way of saying the MRT), a guy in front of me was texting a girl. Since I was in aviators, the gossip girl in me kicked in. The message, though not in jejemon was something like this:

Girl: Ang hirap ng may asawa. (It’s so hard being married.)
Guy: Kung gusto mo maghiwalay na lang tayo kung hadlang ako… (If you want, let’s just separate if you think I’m a hindrance…)

Kaaaloka! I managed to get the girl’s number. And texted her a good deed for the day:

She replies with a hint of paranoia.

Jejemon? (Who are you, why did you text at my other number?)

And another text from me… call me the guardian angel named Penelope…

Paranoia, much?

Who are you?!? You texted again at my other phone.

I’ll keep sending her angel messages so I can buy my place in heaven. Hey, I’m not perfect but I still believe in marriage; make it straight, gay, and even animals.

Boyfriends, you can steal. Girlfriends, you can screw. But there’s one thing that’s not meant to be broken, and that’s a vow made by two.

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2 Responses to Infidelity Caught at La Mert

  1. Anthea says:

    Winner ang pagiging angel mo. Hindi halata ha 😛
    I agree that marriage is a different level altogether.
    Kaya siguro di pa ako kasal (toinks!).

  2. Pammy says:

    I love this Joem!! Hahaha!! I can imagine you telling me this story in class. I love it. I hope I can witness something like this and make pakialam too! Sana you went for the more aggressive approach! Or for example, “akala mo mahal ka niya – pinaglalaruan ka lang non”

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