The Concept of Coño: UP vs. La Salle

While sipping Jim Beams and San Mig Apples.
Lesther (UP): I was criticized for being coño when I was in UP.
Joem (La Salle): Talaga!?! Baaaahket?
Lesther: I had my head shaven, leaving a small patch of hair at the back of my head (mala-shaolin?). I had the widest elephant pants and I was picked up from school… in a car!
Joem: You call that coño?!?
Lesther: (Gives me a Karl Otto Lagerfeldt bitch slap for spring/summer 2011)

And then I realize, Lesther is an AVP at 20 and I am a nobody. He’s been around the world eating scones and sipping tea while I’ve been around Kamuning riding the jeep and MRT. So to globe trotter Lesther… Ikaw na! I will follow your style philosophy na.

By the way, when we were at Rockwell, people were staring at him like he’s some kind of a Lady Gaga or something considering that he wasn’t even wearing a leotard, just his classic Euro style and straw hat. Made me believe even more that Filipinos in general don’t have a sense of fashion and style. I don’t want to be part of the statistics even when a friend of mine told me point blank that amongst the three of us, I was the shabby and they were the chic… It’s like saying I’m the beast and they’re the beauty, l’che!

Will try to stay away from plain jeans and shirt for the meantime.

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