Destination: Cagbalete

I’ll share with you a little secret destination I discovered recently. Anawangin turned slutty this year and do I need to say more about Boracay? The idea of an awesome beach getaway with no people in sight, no membership packages or timeshares to consider and purely palm trees in sight was close to impossible until Cagbalete.

Five hours driving down south and a boat ride will bring you to an island away from commercialism, celebrities and mainstream somethings. One must take a plane ride away to achieve this kind of look & feel, but not anymore.

It may not be luxury; electricity on a half-day basis, food served as is with no spiral garnishes or a sprig of mint- but still mouthwatering, plain water closet and a simple sleeping bag that will take you to dreamland at night the same way Egyptian cotton can.

Who needs luxury when all you need is privacy?

Cagbalete. It’s our little secret

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