Make Your Own Yoghurt

Tita, Let me share you a little secret. Did you know that you can make your own yoghurt? Since yoghurt is chica in the morning even if maasim siya, a lot of us posers still prefer this for breakfast instead of tapsilog coz’ we’re maarte like that.

What’s funny is yoghurt isn’t chica at all coz’ it’s basically rotten cultured milk.

So here’s a recipe I’ve been cooking up for months now. It’s easy, it’s cheap and it’s chica like that.

1. You’ll need 750ml or 3 cups of milk. Non-fat doesn’t work well; my theory is that the bacteria culture in yoghurt needs fat to make more yoghurt. Hence, I recommend fresh or full cream milk.
2. Let it boil for 15-20 minutes on medium heat. Constantly stir and remember that you have to make love with everything that you cook! Now is a good time to imitate Isabella Oliveira of Woman on Top.
3. While cooking the milk, you can add a dollop of cream to thicken and/or a dash of sugar to sweeten. I’m a yogurt purist so I like everything plain and simple.
4. After boiling, let it cool a bit. If a film forms, remove it. Transfer the milk in an airtight container. A thermos works pretty well. Please make sure the milk is still warm. Yogurt critters like it like that.
5. Once you’ve transferred the milk in an airtight container, add a cup or two of yoghurt with live culture. Nestle Cream Yogurt works well for starters but try to get artisanal yogurt made by milk farmers.

Live culture is key! Don’t use imported yogurt! I’ve tried it and it didn’t turn into Elle & Vire… not even Yoplait! I think imported yoghurt has been pasteurized so it would last longer for long distance travel.

6. Seal. Shake a bit. Leave overnight. It will grow.
7. Morning after, open the container. See and taste yogurt magic!

Store in the pridyider. The yoghurt flavor gets richer everyday. And when you’re running out of yoghurt, simply repeat the recipe using the left over yogurt you made before!

No need na to buy processed yoghurt!

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2 Responses to Make Your Own Yoghurt

  1. Parker says:

    I have tried this before based on your instructions and it was successful. Tricky thing here is choosing the right milk. I tried this with 2 different soy milk brands, and I noticed that the sweeter and richer brand tasted better.

  2. Wara says:

    Your correct, I had one years ago, just make sure you use a nratual yougart, not with any gelatin or sugar in, let your milk come to room temparture and whisk the yourgart in, and the set the cups in the machine, I worked with a Greek chef and all he did was heat the milk to blood temp, add the yougart, and put in teacups, cover it with Saran Wrap and keep it in a warm area overnight, on top of a frig near the back, and after 2 hours in the frig next day it was solid, if you want a firmer product, you will need to add some whole milk or light cream. I like Balkan style and here in Canada with have a product from a dairy called Astro, it is 4% BF and is great as a sour cream substitude.

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