The Best of Welcome to The Zoo

I miss this! Not so long ago we had links with the Secosana Gang and snort confectioner’s sugar instead of the real deal (coz’ we are sweet and innocent like that), we’d do Embassy almost everyday. From Superklasse to Snap Crackle Pop, we were there. We knew back then that it was awesome because there were no rules to follow, no quarter-life crisis to think about and nothing to remember the next day, literally nothing to remember. Those were the good times… or were we just trying to call it as such?

I even had the audacity to take photos of people and post it in myMultiply back when it wasn’t online Divisoria. Only to find out how stupid it was. I gave it a title “Welcome To The Zoo”, a collection of fashion victims and the like. I’m checking it now and I want to relive the stupidity and shallowness of Season 1 just for tonight.

Let’s relive the badness back when we had nothing but seems we own everything, back when there were no limits and everything was just for fun. This is the Best of Welcome to The Zoo, something I think I can never do again.

Spotted: Polka-Dotted Fox in Bikini

Yeahezz, Full of confidence. Lack of fore sight. Ewan ko kung yun top baliktad niyang sinuot or simply plunging kung plunging talaga. Dai! Alam ba ng nanay at tatay mo yun pinagagawa mo?!?

Spotted: Yellow Bayawak

There is in fact a shortage of tela in Manila, as seen in the photo. The shortage of fabric in the Philippines is so serious that Yellow Bayawak couldn’t even buy a new pair of jeans. Her jeans is so tight that Yellow Bayawak couldn’t even zip it.

Dai, ang mantel, ibalik mo na sa lamesa at kakain na ng adobong pusit si Koya!

Spotted: Baklang Alimango

I caught this creature of the coast of ghetto Alchemy long time ago. Baklang Alimango seems to suffer from pigsa boobs and Nunality Syndrome.

Pigsa boobs is a disease of Philippine Baklas. They get tissue paper, make it into a ball and place it on their flat hairy chest. Nunality Syndrome is an addiction of placing fake moles on the face and body to chanel Nora Aunor.

Spotted: Human Electric Eel

Koya! Hanuvah, tataas nanaman electric bill natin dyan eh!

Spotted: 18th Century Bulldog

Rawr! The definition of MILF has been rewritten thanks to 18th Century Bulldog- (Mashonda, I Love to Flambé). Bagets, na bagets pa ang lola mo… Actually kasama siya sa cast ng Temptation Island… yun original. And up until now maasim pa rin siya! Talo nya si Madame Auring, Tita Elvie and Ate Ellen. Look out for her new ad in Edsa. She’s the new endorser of Flanax.

Spotted: Biting Cockatoo

Okay fine! Payat kasi siya. Ingget lang ako… babae ba siya or sirena? Parang kakaahon lang sa Puerto Galera ang beauty niya.

It was fun, noh! Cruel in some way… but definitely fun! I miss the little devil in me.

I like to apologize to those that I captured. It’s 2011 already and I’m a totally different person. I censored your face naman before… I just really miss the old me.

I’ll find a new me and now I set you free. I love you.

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