YouTube Vids for the week

Another wasted hour watching Youtube videos!

Leave it to the Japanese to create such an elaborate prank!

Classic SNL! They don’t do sketches like this anymore. Still love SNL though. Just a backgrounder, Linda Richman is a Mike Myers character in one of the classic SNL sketches. Linda is a die hard Barbra Streisand fan… then suddenly Barbra came to the studio and just watch what happens as Mike Myers tries to maintain his Linda Richman character so with Madonna and Rosie.

Upon watching this video, it made me realize that the world is made up of two different girls; fat and jolly and the skinny bitch. Which one are you?

This scene gets me teary eyed same with Love Actually- to me you are perfect.

Pucha! Obviously the remake will not be better than this but I’m still going to watch it so I can bash it! Nothing beats the original!

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