Learn Capoeira Na!

Update as of 2013 February 07: We have moved to a new training place. Please check www.ebcphilippines.com for updated schedule and venues.

People are asking me what to do since all of them are getting tired with the usual weekend night out, a bottle of Jack and sizzling sisig with egg. Why not try Capoeira? It’s different compared to the other sports out there and it can make you look and feel good, plus you get to meet crazy and awesome people.

Everyday Capoeira is now possible! If you want to learn the art of Capoeira, you can take lessons from Escola Brasileira de Capoeira– Philippines (EBCP) they have a Capoeira Academy located at Unit 07 Cityplace Building Jose Abad Santos San Juan City (landmarks: Moksha, Serenitea, Gloria Maris, Alex III, Wilson).

Learn the moves that can make you HARDCORE. You’ll also learn to sing the songs and play the instruments making you a 100% Capoeirista.

Updated schedule from www.ebcphilippines.com

Try to take one class for P380. And if you like it (and I’m sure you will), sign-up for 4 sessions for P1,200 or 8 sessions for P2000. If you want bottomless Capoeira for a month get the P3000 package!

I suggest beginners to take at least 4-8 sessions as a preview to Capoeira… one class just ain’t enough, yah know. And don’t be shy if you don’t have ‘kasama’, people are friendly naman and it’s a class where you learn, plus there’s a lot of first timers naman so go na!

After you try Capoeira, get your hair done at Validosa Salon just across the street… or buy an overpriced drink at Serenitea.

For more info: www.ebcphilippines.com.

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2 Responses to Learn Capoeira Na!

  1. montelukast says:

    Really interested in learning this. A bit anxious though as I think I’m not at par even with the beginners in what you call beginner’s classes. Haha I’ve a really poor upper body strength.

    • admin says:

      Same old question. Same old answer… How will you know unless you try. I was a beginner once. Capoeir in manila is at ultimate fitness in metrowalk ortigas 🙂

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