Simple vs. Complicated Girls

And so the war continues. This is a tabular representation to know if you’re a simple or a complicated girlaloo taken from Chuvaness and Divasoria, these ladies are made of sheer brilliance for creating a faction between the two… plus I added my observations based from first hand encounters of the two kinds.

Filipino men like uninteresting girls because they’re intimidated by anything they don’t think they can control. Kasi if the girl is rather unique, it means they have a strong personality. From my observation, Filipino men cannot handle girls with a lot of personality. Mahilig sila sa sunod-sunuran. Think: a girl who will look pretty and occasionally give a ladylike laugh as she looks on while you and your drinking buddies have a drunken good time. Actually, better yet, she’s the one serving the drinks to you and your buddies. From what I’ve seen, Filipina girls with strong personalities are either single, married to/dating foreigners, or married to/dating Filipino men who are quite unconventional themselves.”- Comment from a Divasoria reader.

Being simple doesn’t equate baduyness at all. It’s just that… SIMPLE. At least they’re the ones to have boyfriends or get married first. Being simple does have its magic if you like it like that.

Coming soon: Simple vs. Complicated Guy   |   Simple vs. Complicated Gay

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