Expresso! Babae sa Septic Tank


Watch it. Eugene is awesome, reminds me of some talents we have worked with. The two guys are hot grammar Nazis; you’ll see in them some of your friends. The story is light and easily understandable, a good example of what independent films should be… not too heavy with the right amount of ka-ART-ehan and drag.

I look forward to a day wherein local movies will no longer be about a princess with her ugly yet super funny best friend, a hot driver, a rich boyfriend, an evil mother in South Sea pearls and an understanding father who will die at the end and everyone lives happily ever after. Final shot: Clouds- roll credits.

Watch it if you are a frustrated artist. Watch it if you’re from advertising, you’ll be able to relate with a lot of the scenes, promise! Watch it if you’re a friend of the cast. Watch it if you’re sick and tired of local movies and want something different for a change.

A good movie will always receive an applause at the end. This one did so just watch it!

Thanks to Shirley the Sure Seats girl for giving us the last 2 slots that mysteriously opened when we inquired. Hope you enjoyed your double bacon cheeseburger! Good deeds are always rewarded in my book.

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