Simple vs. Complicated Gays

Haay! Finally finished the Simple vs Complicated Divine Triumvirate (Men, Women and now the Gays!). I know a lot of your won’t agree with me but this is solely based on research from other sites and my own observations and personal experiences as well.

I actually find it funny, strange and revealing even. We started out complicated, crazy and with a lot of color and all that jazz. Then suddenly, we turn simple… and still single damnit!

Mental note to self for the nth time: Just because you think your life has turned into structured and a tad ordinary persona with the same lifestyle like the others, it doesn’t mean you’ll be boring. Please write, love, blog and experience more again… for the nth time, just reminding you to bring back the color again. 

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One Response to Simple vs. Complicated Gays

  1. LL says:

    why do i have a feeling that you had me in mind when you were itemizing the Complicated Gay Guy’s traits? especially the “mas-majitim, mas maganda.” hahaha. either you really were thinking of me or i’m just full of myself.


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