Capoeira: Halloween Roda 2011 (Original Upload)

It all started three years ago and now it has grown into spooky and unimaginable proportions! I haven’t seen anything like this when we first did this thing back in 2009.

This is EBC’s 3rd Halloween Roda with the EBC-GK Kids and EBC Professors from EBC-Bacolod and EBC-Malaysia. It’s the only time of the year wherein we transform into whatever we want to be and play capoeira wearing our character and being in theme with our game! Looking forward to next year’s craziness.

Remember that Halloween is the only time of year where you can wear whatever you want and not be judged. Don’t waste it.

If you’re interested to learn Capoeira in Manila, our school is located at Unit 07 Cityplace Building Jose Abad Santos San Juan City. Visit for more details.

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