Food: In-N-Out and Nostalgia

Burgers bring memories.

Sometimes, you remember not the taste of the food but the memories it bring. Burger Machine is one creation that a lot of us have in common after an epic night out. Whether you start it out at a sushal place in Makati or somewhere more masa in Quezon City, Burger Machine will always be the final destination for all, a great equalizer like KC Concepcion before she went mainstream; pre-Piolo and Century Tuna… Paris KC to be exact.

My personal favorite has got to be the Burger Machine’s roast beef sandwich. It reminds me of post work-out, post wasakan and a more serious chismisan portion of the night after all that hobnobbing and beso-beso. It’s not about the taste. Again, it’s about the memories.

In-N-Out was literally my first stop right after touchdown in sweet California. This burger joint is an ultimate classic of mine. Just like in perfumery, the Double Double has top notes that consist of premium beef and bacon strips with no additives and grilled to perfection, and baked bread like what our Lolas used to make (no sesame). Middle note includes crunchy lettuce, a slice of a plump tomato (not kamatis), classic American cheese (not Quickmelt) and crispy onion rings for the right bite.

Simplicity is key for this burger. No fancy truffle oil, which I think sometimes, makes the burger tastes earthy (in a bad way). No foie gras, wasabi, bleu cheese and all things pretentious. Basically ‘as is where is’ just like Eugene Domingo’s acting.

Touchdown In-N-Out… Yes, I’m making a big deal out of it!

In the end, it leaves behind a base note full of memories. Of the hunt for that perfect old fashioned iced tea and a slice of lemon. Of discount stores and crazy families. Of Walmart, Ikea, H&M and Ghetto Mall, which we all worship and j’adore by the way. Of cold crispy weather and middle class America. Of freedom at San Francisco. Of Disneyland. Of 1998. Of friendly people and of Sweet California.

It’s just pure nostalgia. I’m not surprised why this girl cried when she gets a taste of Double Double after a long time.

What’s your food nostalgia?

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    try five guys next tym

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