Weekend Playlist 1

This holiday season let’s make love with the eargasmic tunes I found online. Just because they aren’t Christmas songs doesn’t mean it’s perfect for the season. Christmas is about love or the lack of it, warmth or being ice-cold single, and kisses or MOMOL nights. So are these songs:

Cover: Use Somebody by Laura Jensen

I like Kings of Leon, but baklas don’t like it cuz it’s too straight for their taste. So here’s a perfect rendition to make it more suitable for their appetite. Yun mga pumaparty dyan, here’s your version.

Cover: Higher Love by James Vincent McMorrow
I started with One Republic’s Apologize as a drama song while jogging in the rain, then I slowly graduated to this. Cinematic cheesy for the singles this Christmas. Perfect at 5AM in UP Ikot and 8PM at the Fort.

One More Minute by Capital Cities
You know how Star Cinema movies show how the lead characters start their day in fast forward motion. Here’s a perfect song pero more sushal though kasi you’re the lead star.

Mash-up: Find Myself A Heap of Love by Various Artists
Eto, you set as alarm in the morning after a night of momol with your loved one on Christmas Eve and your kabit on New Year’s. Feeling mo ikaw si Carmina Villaroel or Aga Mulach circa 94.

Lessons in Love by Kaskade
Aminin mo, when you go inside a club kailangan dapat all eyes on you. So as you go down the spiral staircase, this should be the music playing. Make sure you walk with the beat and you know the vocals. Accessories include a drink on hand and/or a lighted cigarette. And when somebody says hi, simply raise your glass and smile on one side of the face ONLY, blink, or tuck your hair on an ear if you’re barely legal.

Anna Sun by Walk the Moon
For a time I was into indie music, kasi gusto ko maiba… but you know bubblegum pop is like tradition. It comes crawling back no matter what. Here’s one indie though that I kinda like. Feel good, fun, love, and friends… just like Christmas.

4AM by Kaskade (Studio Version)
I know this song is last season but you got to hear this version. On a weekend after that partying and luckily you meet someone special under a mistletoe. A bit tipsy, so you go hang out at Burger Machine or Whistletop in Jupiter or SEX for the South people. You get their number and you go home. Looking forward for whatever is ahead, you play this song and then you suddenly crave for cheese curls. Merry Christmas to you whore.

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