It’s More Fun in the Philippines

Let me just say that the new tourism campaign of the Department of Tourism is simply the TRUTH! Please Huwag na maging negatron!  You don’t work in advertising and coming up with an intellectual retort will simply make you look ignorant and a crab. Seriously! It’s time to support! Kahit this once lang.

A few weeks ago and missing my recent Californication vacation, I asked my Mommy Dearest why the Philippines? I was buzzed na and I love-love conversations with Mommy Dearest while she makes her Sunday coffee in the morning while I was having a severe case of LSS in the tune of Super Bass and wreaking the smell of Eau de Whiskey.

More than half of our family is there already, and she had all the means and opportunities for us to be dual citizens and make the world our living playground. Besides crazy friends who are still here and probably loving it, what’s here for me pa?

The wisest uttered the simplest and truest of words, which make me love the Philippines and her more, “This is where I was born and I’m happy here”.

True enough. It’s More Fun in the Philippines.

My October video sums up why it’s fun in Manila.

Even when you’re down. It’s still fun and very picturesque! Sushal! Always remember that you have friends here. And, I always see someone I know within a kilometer radius.

Pico de Loro, Hamilo Coast

Cold nights? Not an issue at all.

Slumber Party: Manansala Tower, Rockwell

Remember to always say hello and get a complimentary handshake on the weekends.

You meet colorful characters everyday!

Who knows you might even find true love…

Picture by Patti Mallari of

Or a delicious dessert.

If you’re torpe (which I always am!), we give you the best liquid courage.

It’s also nice to be in a shipwreck once in your lifetime.

Pensicola Beach Resort, Cagbalete (picture by Thea Magpantay)

And when you’re really tired. Get a massage!

There's Capoeira in the Philippines (, picture by Jeric Rustia)

Or bake buns in the oven.

Anvaya Cove

It’s time to OWN FUN! I support and I believe that the Philippines is truly a fun place to be! We don’t have the best airports or first class services, and we don’t even adhere to global standards of safety. But one thing I know is for sure; we are the Ambassadors of FUN! #1ForFUN!

Sagada Mountain Province

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