Weekend Playlist 2: Fall for Summer

The sands shift beneath our feet as we take a sip of the summer drink for 2012. Preferably a Caipirinha this season, I finally perfected the mix with the right ratio of cachaca, lime, and raw sugar… to think we substitute Grey Goose years ago!

With a perfect beach… Boracay at the bare minimum, aforementioned drink or if all else fails; JD+Coke or Super Dry, friends you love or lovers after friends in tow, there is still however a missing puzzle piece. To complete, here’s the Weekend Playlist 2 prepared on a midweek for your audio appreciation. This time, it’s got a hint of summer ideal for your sun kissed getaway.

Self Machine by I Blame Coco

This is my selected song for Saigon Weekend. I think I don’t need to explain a feel good music perfect for long drives while eating McDonald’s drive-thru junk and double hot fudge sundae.

Vento Que Vem Do Mar by Camara

Roughly translated as wind from the sea, Vento Que Vem Do Mar is actually a capoeira song. And you know me, a part of me is capoeira. This song is literally two seasons ago but when a non-capoeira person hears it, they instantly transport themselves to the sea. This is a perfect rendition to make the capoeira music more palatable to a wider audience.

Like a Star by Britt Nicole

The pop in me will never die. Imagine Britney, Paris, Christina, or Billie… only this time, the girl is not popular just yet. I imagine myself driving a 1957, powder blue, convertible Corvette sipping a cherry slurpee, in my white shirt, sombrero, and dirrty jeans for this song.

Cover: Young Folks by the Kooks

2 words. Gossip Girl.

Set Fire to Everybody by Adele v Skrillex

Skrillex’s gone masa with the lastest Kaskade collab. I can feel it though, 2012 will be everything about dubstep music… unfortunately strong in bass, sadly less in vocals, and as per usual more in electric. In short, dirrty music resulting to dirty tabs.

Once and For All by Clock Opera

Perfect song when waking up to sunrise with or without the hangover, although iThink waking up wasted is pretty juvenile, very college 2005. Better sleep it na lang, likewise suitable for late runs. Mental note, summer inspire must be body ready.

It Don’t Rain in Beverly Hills by Dean & Britta

You know summer should have a lover same as Christmas, well this is a perfect accompaniment for such occasion.

Sunset+ candlelit dinner+ this music= Possible marriage proposal

This is basically your music journey for a summer weekend. Listen to I Blame Coco on your way to Fuego, don’t forget to drop by Starbucks or McDonald’s for your double hot fudge sundae. It’s ideal to dip your nuggets and fries to rich creaminess.

Upon arrival, listen to the Kooks, Britt Nicole if feeling flirty in your bikini, and Camara when at the beach. Predictable, I know. If you want to get wasted at night with Caipirinhas, Patron XO’s, and Super Dry’s, Skrilexx is viable option. On the other spectrum lies love, and if you plan to be cheesy, pre-nup shoot ang peg, go for Dean & Britta. Either way, I’m pretty sure you’ll be happy to wake up with Clock Opera.

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