Nostalgia: Wilson Phillips Live in Manila!

You’re all for nostalgia. You love that feeling of looking back and relishing the moment of years gone by; of mixtapes, Little Mermaid, Ang TV, and the Spice Girls. This is probably why you can’t easily forget and you have difficulty in moving on with the dramas of your life; heartbreak and all. Nevertheless, you love nostalgiagasm: The orgasmic feeling you get from looking back. What better way to relive it by seeing the Wilson Phillips, pare!

Dude, you know the Wilson Phillips. Before the Spice Girls, All Saints, TLC, Blaque, M2M, en Vougue… there was once the Wilson Phillips. You secretly sashayed your way to the bathroom, holding your mom’s scarf to create that perfect wave effect with their song. Production level lang ang peg; Dream is Still Alive, Hold On, Impulsive, You’re in Love, and so much more.

Dude, this is indeed the foundation of your girl group fantasy. Of crushing them (if you’re straight) or of being part of the group (if you’re a homo), well, for as long as you’re Chynna and not Carnie.

Sadly, you let the concert pass you by and chose the Guetta and not the Phillips. Until a status message in Facebook tells you otherwise.

FYI... Chibu is straight.

The concert is on a Friday! They are still here. There’s still 6 hours of hope. But since you’re saving for that surgery, a tattoo, and other non-essentials, there is no way for you to afford even the cheap seats.

There must be a way. There must be hope. Twitter is the new Secret and with just a tweet plus amazing friends. You get this.

Two birds. One Stone.

Twitter is the new Secret

Maraming Salamat!

From Guetta to Phillips: Always remember pare, before the Spice Girls, All Saints, Cleopatra, B*witched, Solid Harmonie, en Vogue, Blaque, M2M... there was once the Wilson Phillips. Thanks Gretch! Bucket list 278. Check! GG forever.

So, are you Chynna?

The venue was half full. They were the ones who held on. They believe that the dream is still alive after 22 years of waiting. For them, it wasn’t a flop. It’s just pure nostalgiagasm.

Bucket list 278. Check.

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