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I got inked a couple of weeks ago, and it’s quite liberating… like making out. I can strike this out my bucket list now. True enough, you do these things when you have gone through something and survived it with flying colors. A friend did. I did (plus weight loss! Belat!).

Kalokohan: A friend requested to be faceless for fear of the family knowing that he had a tattoo.

For sure, people will be wondering what the eff were we thinking. Well, to each is own, pare. Plus, I believe that your markings should always be something personal. It should be something that defines you forever and not just a cartoon character like what Claudine Barretto had on her back (Tweetie Bird! Good luck to that when you’re 75)… or a heart, which eventually will be broken someday.

The tattoo artist at work: Above average level of pain.

Pain level was above average, but bearable. You’ll feel this piercing and almost slicing sensation that transforms to tickly as it approaches the waist. Post-tat symptoms include itchiness, flaking, and more itchiness. But it’s most definitely worth it!

Final product: Markings I can call my own.

Timeless: Essential words in script


  1. Remember, you will have this for as long as you live. Ink a heart on your round shape, supple bosom and it will be fab when your looks are still Hillary Duff worthy. When you reach Hillary Clinton, that tattoo heart of yours will be broken just like all fake relationships do.
  2. Your back ages slowly, more so if you work out. Likewise, you don’t see it as often, unless you’re part of Cirque du Soleil. I recommend that part as your blank canvass.
  3. Remember that the best tattoos are the ones that define you. I prefer words. Let’s cut the symbolism, and be direct. I prefer script. It’s pretty timeless.
  4. Make your own design and print the actual size. Your tattoo artist can easily transfer the design on the desired body part of yours.

Not bad for PHP5,000. I know, it’s a bit pricey but my expectations were met. You build a long-term relationship with the artist so the next ink will definitely be cheaper.

2/F Promenade Building, #198 Wilson Street corner P. Guevarra Street Mobile +63917-5459986

Try! Republic Tattoo at the Promenade Building in Wilson Street. The place is OK!

FYI, This is not a tramp stamp.

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