Cheapaz Beauty Products That Work (part 1)

I don’t have porcelain kutis-papaya skin for the simple reason of Belo not touching mine just yet. I’m also not an endorser, but sana soon for CY Gabriel, lol! Truth is, I’m still saving up for my e-matrix and nose job treatment, and when that finally happens, I can finally regain my beauty and confidence. Yes! I am that shallow even if I’m not blonde and blue eyed.

So while saving up for that future overhaul with an estimated cost of 30k for both cartilage nose surgery and e-matrix treatment, I get by with these fab finds. Sharing is indeed caring with cheap things that surely work. Remember, you turn beautiful during breakups, SWEAR!

Neutrogena Clear Cleansing Bar

Back to Basics.

Basic is key, and how can you get any more basic than this transparent soap with nothing on it? We’ve tried everything that foams, smells, buffs, and even stings. This bar still wins overall. Use it with a buffer like so. I bought the buffer at Saizen. It’s a poor gay’s answer to Clairsonic Mia.

Queen Helene Mint Julep Mask


Masques: Meant to be worn once a week.

Masques are essential whenever your face is dull and in need of that extra boost of something-something. It promises half a day of firmness, shine-free face, or moisture retention depending on the selected masque. Likewise, masques work wonders when partnered with an exfoliator like the classic Apricot Scrub.

Aunt Jemima is to pancakes as Queen Helene is to facial masques. Classic, proven, cheapangga, and readily available at Walmart, kaya I hoarded this when I was in the States. It’s a close fight between St. Ives’ Mineral Clay and Body Shop’s Tea Tree Oil Facial Mask. The minty feel did it for me. St. Ives’ kasi just gives the cracking feel and Body Shop naman doesn’t dry up… Queen Helene’s not only absorbs excess oil, it says it combats acne as well… and we all know our battle with acne.



Differin: Works for me.

I have suicidal skin when I was young. And it’s true that acne gives you low self esteem kaya when you see someone who is pimple-ridden don’t tell them that they need help, or give them tips on how to cure them, for sure they know na.

I was given BP, Airol, Differin, and finally the holy covenant of all pimple-fighting drugs, Accutane. It worked, and now to maintain a reasonably clear yet pockmarked face (that’s why I’m saving for the eMatrix treatment nga e), I use Differin and BP.

RoC Skin Renewing Serum

Shit makes you glow.

Shit makes you glow.

Serums do indeed work like wonders. Think of it as concentrated potions for your skin. A friend told me once to simply buy the serum version if you don’t have the budget to buy the whole line.

Lancome’s Genefique or Estee Lauder Night Repair are lola classics. So for the young ones, it’s good to start with RoC. It’s cheap and Michelle Phan believes in it, so do I. Hoard na when you go to Walmart.

BTW pare, if you want to receive this kind of feedback in Facebook, you can Photoshop… or better yet: Roc Skin Renewing Serum.

#GandangRickyReyes lol!

#GandangRickyReyes lol!


Elizabeth Joy Pomade


Trusted since lola’s.

I love anything that looks like it came from your lola’s. This hair pomade, which can be purchased at Mercury Drugs is uberly cheapangga. This gives your hair a natural shine. Go easy with this, it’s pretty greasy stuff.

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9 Responses to Cheapaz Beauty Products That Work (part 1)

  1. CK says:

    Where’s Part 2? 🙁

  2. Ben says:

    Good news about ELIZABETH JOY POMADE! That it may still exist somewhere, lyk at Mercury Drug. But none in the shelves of MDS here in our part of Pinas. But where can I find it? Tnx.

  3. Rica says:

    Hi, May mint julep masque sa MDS?

  4. lulu says:

    where can you get Roc serum here in Manila?

    • Joem Segovia says:

      Very sorry for the late reply as i have not been blogging lately. RoC Serum available in the States, but available in Bangkok before… Sadly this product has been discontinued.

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