Review: Les Miserables (2012)

May conditioner ka?

Teh, pahiram ng conditioner.

For someone who walked the halls of La Salle Green Hills with a Sony Discman in tow playing On My Own on repeat back in ’99 (Di nga lang naka trench coat). For someone who plays the 10th Anniversary concert every fucking single day in the office. For someone who closes their eyes and lip-synchs for their life the lines of One Day More, trying mightily to capture all the characters… that’s more than a doble kara ha. And for someone who gets teary eyed when he hears the greatest words of all time, ‘To love another person is to see the face of God’.

Please rise as we sing the National Anthem of the friendzoned.

So yeah, I’m a sintunado diehard fan thanks to Lea’s performance back in 95. Never did I once claim to be talented in singing, le’che.

More than twenty years later, the movie salutes the musical.

To be honest, my expectations were too high. It disappoints me to witness that some lines were changed, parts of some songs were not included, and the transition from one scene to the other seemed to be a bit offbeat.

I grew up hearing Les Miserables in its pitch perfect form. That was real for me, goosebumps, tears, and all. To hear it being sung and filmed live was more real for them, every breath captured, pauses and enunciation heard… #flaws. But for someone who grew up hearing perfection perfected, in the tragic words of Eponine, ‘not to me, not to me, not for me.’

But pare, I realize, you can’t compare Fuji Apples with Kiat Kiat pala. A broadway production is different from Hollywood. Kaya open up your mind! Parang relationship lang siya. Your X is totally different from your current. Nevertheless, you’ll still feel the love. Diba, diba!?!

Besides singing, my breasts can always tell if it's raining.

Besides singing, my breasts can always tell if it’s raining.

It’s still a good movie. I fell in love with Cosette more than Eponine in this one. There’s something about seeing Karen Smith all grown up, and still having ESPN or something. Enjolras is and will always be more dreamy than Marius. Javert is ok lang, average-ish. A standing ovation for 24601 and Fantine!

Strangely, pwede pangkasal.

Thumbs up for an added song, Suddenly, parang it’s a nice wedding song. Other must hears include Stars, Who Am I?, In My Life/ A Heart Full of Love.

Go watch it na.

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3 Responses to Review: Les Miserables (2012)

  1. Alex says:

    I love reading your blog! Haha! Ako naman I didn’t like Cosette and Marcus, even though I like Amanda Seyfried (and Karen Smith)…but that was expected. Everyone is dying and tragic all around them and they’re the shiny happy people oblivious to it all. xD I never did warm up to those characters in any version.

  2. Al says:

    Like you I’m also a BIG fan of the musical. I enjoyed the movie even if most of them were not theater singers. But I do think they should have asked somebody else to play Javert. Russell Crowe did a horrible job both in acting and in singing the part of a wonderfully tormented character…

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