Salute to 2013 says 2012

And just like that, it’s 2013. You’ve survived what you thought would be the end of your world… and we’re not talking about the Mayan prophecy.

The year that was made you realize that you don’t want to see yourself ending up alone. The imagery of that single, independent, worry-free, I complete me, Sex and the City character that you’ve once personified is slowly fading away. It’s bittersweet, but necessary nonetheless. Fairfarren Carrie, Samantha, Miranda, and Charlotte.

The binge of everything contra banned and the 24/7 partying has taken a back seat. Playing around seems to be a bit cheap. And it’s okay to admit it at twenty fucking seven. It was fun when it lasted.

You meet people who support you and you find ones capable of breaking you. In a masochistic world we live in, you choose the latter. And it’s OK. Whenever you break, you fix yourself up. Stronger. Better. Most of all, wiser.

Right now, the dance floor turns to church weddings. A cheers to the freaking weekend has changed to make way for the lovely couple. Friends are sifted: the singles, the taken, both having valid arguments that one is better than the other. You know it’s not a race, though it certainly looks like it. You know for yourself that you need not to search; yet you assure yourself that in time… in time, you’ll get there. And you start it off by making a playlist for your wedding. Of course, your ultimate favorite, Kissing, included as always.

Special someone, INDEED. Kids, you’re not there yet.

With all the drama and bullshit of last year, you can finally say in all honesty that you too want to be in love. There’s finally a human need in you.

Happy New Year, pare!

How about you? Care to share realizations from last year?

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  1. Bea says:

    We need a thirstdate for 2013!

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