Travel: Sinulog 2013 (and the Inner Child)

If I’ll worship an idol, mine would definitely be the Sto. Nino. Pare, you know how my faith works. I may not go to mass on Sundays (I think it’s been more than a month already), but I talk to Him everyday. When I visit my Dad in Christ the King, there He is waiting patiently for me. I can almost see His face when I walk alone at night, on my way to the car park while looking at the stars, mas clear yun face niya if I’m wired with my iPod (Playlist: When you need some love).


Capoeira and Music: Did you know that some Capoeira songs are songs of worship. Just listen.

There He is playing Capoeira and singing with me.

BTW Pare, I saw His face last Capoeira workshop, which made me teary-eyed. There was this song Guerreria Fernanda (amazing teacher!) taught us. Title of the song was Eu Te Amo by Roberto Carlos, which in Portuguese simply means, ‘I Love You’. Galing! People from all over the world, with different ethnicities, nationalities, personalities, and religious beliefs  (Catholics, Muslims, those who claim to be saints and sinners, and those who worship Cher) were all singing the same song. The feeling was there. God was there. As one of my friends said during that intense, dramatic, and rewarding Capoeira week, ‘Faith in humanity… RESTORED!” But that’s another story… and a new belt :P!

God was here: Different faces. Different praises.

God was here: Different faces. Different praises. ONE in capoeira.

Anyway, after a night out, I find myself going to this adoration chapel in Sanctuario, McKinley and it’s like having Roast Beef sandwich from Burger Machine with Him. I know I’m not an angel (only during Halloween) but I’m a good person. I know He understands and there’s no way I’m going to hell just because I’m not old school. The church is everywhere. You can pray anywhere.

It has been almost a month since Sinulog, and I still feel that so-called Sinulog vibe. It’s my first Sinulog experience. All I know is that it celebrates the child Jesus with some form of dancing. History tells us that it all started when Magellan gifted the wife of a Rajah in Cebu a statue of the child Jesus. Upon receiving this gift, she just danced! You just gotta love our ancestors. Almost 500 years later, the Sinulog festival still lives on (with a few sponsorship from brands, but the vibe would probably still be the same.).

So there I was enjoying the so-called Sinulog vibe. Come Sunday afternoon, the very Sinulog day, I was culture shocked to the things I have just witnessed. People drinking to the point of no return, spraying beer foam, throwing paint at each other, and most of all dancing to the beats of 2013. All of them shouting, Viva Pit Senor!, mashed up with the bass of SHM. I’ve seen this on TV somewhere in Ibiza with Bridget Marquardt, but not here in the Philippines. It just can’t be! There’s no MTV Spring Break here!

Baseline 2013: Contradiction, I say. Have fun, they say.

Contradiction, I say. Why give thanks to Jesus with a party like this? I just couldn’t connect it. Inconsistencies, I say. #Offstrat #Tactical

After so much pondering, I saw in the eyes of the people that everyone was happy. It’s the same eyes I saw in all of my friends from around the world singing Eu Te Amo. No harm, no fights… just happiness. That was the time I saw His face again.


They’ve got that inner child.

I understand it now. Just like the Sto. Nino, there’s an inner child in all of us. We must live our lives vicariously with the life of the child, Jesus; The innocence, happiness, and laughter to show to people and to show to ourselves. That’s why the Sto. Nino is my new idol to worship next to Cher. And I’m going back next year to find my inner child again.

I too have an inner child. No judgements.

Viva Pit Senor! It’s more fun in  the Philippines, and as Birdget Marquardt would say, ‘Sinulog, an absolute turn on!’

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