Brasilipinas: 10 Reasons Why You Should Go


Trust me, man. Brasilipinas 2013 is a sure hit. I’ve been there before it became a big yearly event that it is today, and it just keeps getting better. Trust me, man. I’ve been out and about circa Sambos (I know, cringe fest right?). And a party like this is most definitely one you shouldn’t miss.

10 Reasons why you should go:

10. Capoeira

You know me. I love Capoeira for a good seven years now. So if you want to see people perform this martial art that I love, then go to Rockwell on Feb. 8. Sexy hobby siya, in fair!

9. Awesome Performers

It’s not just Capoeira performers. There are Samba dancers, drummers, and singers as well. Coachella lang ang peg.

8. The Energy (AKA Axe)

Did you know that the Philippines’ literal other side of the world is Brasil. Dig deep enough, and you’ll end up in a city called Ciuaba. Only 4% of the world is given this antipodal gift. The rest ends up in an ocean somewhere.

This may sound strange but I believe that energy (AKA axe) knows no geographical boundaries. For sure, there will be axe from Brasil made especially for the Philippines. They coated it with sugar, sweet spaghetti-style!

7. Music

Music is universal. You don’t need to lip-synch along with the Brazilian songs (though sometimes I do), and I’m pretty sure you’ll love it. Below are songs to prepare yourself since they always play it every year.

Rap Das Armas- Tropa de Elite

Magalenha- Serio Mendes

Danza Kuduro- Lucenzo, Don Omar

6. Food

From brigadeiros to feijoada… try something new every year. #masarap

5. Drinks

Liquid Libation

Mojitos are so last season. Above was my libation during the heartbreak because it made me feel happy, whole and special again #drama. Caipirinhas FTW! Available for free once you purchase the PHP150 ticket. Of course the standard Havaianas drink na oh so traydor will also be available.

4. Culture

The world becomes smaller during Brasilipinas. Learn not only the culture of Brasil, but also the culture of partying.

3. Dancing


With the music comes the dancing. As mentioned, no need to learn the lyrics… just bring your hips and better shake it. Everything is better shaken than stirred in Brasilipinas. BTW, expect to sweat so dress with comfort.

2. Friends

This is a feel good party perfect for everyone. Strangely, I always see people I haven’t seen for a long time here, even when I haven’t invited them. Just goes to show that Brasilipinas has indeed gotten bigger and better. Bring a friend. Meet people. Expand your horizon.

1. People

Brasilipinas is Cute Convention. This is the only time of the year when cute people converge to have a good time. Be one of us by simply going.

Brasilipinas is known to be the best Carnaval party in South East Asia, so they say, so I say. #Nuffsaid

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