Pinoy Middle Class Sentiments

When they tweet escargot, the other tweets suso. Same difference. You feel the same way they do and vice versa. We call these middle class sentiments just because first world is not really Manila, and the Philippines is not really a third world country if you think about it. Check out our sentiments in tweets with expressions from our favorite local celebrities.


Ramen, J.Co, Cronuts… You get my drift.

I love ramen! Curry ramen to be exact. I find miso to be too beer-tasting, it’s just wrong for me. Nevertheless, I’m pretty sure that your IG wall has been flooded with all things ramen from soups to burgers. What’s up with that? How did this ramen trend start in the first place? There must be a Ramen Girl in all of us.


My favorite place turned kapamilya and kapuso crowd… why???

This is just heartbreaking. We risk imprinting ourselves to a sacred spot whenever we find a secret place to call it our own for the simple reason that it calls on you too, like love. We make sure that only our friends and family know about this. Suddenly, time and a TV show takes its evil turn making our secret place known to all; [Insert name of bar here], #Anawangin


Vanessa is not in Republiq!?! I have to line up. Huhuhu :((

Put your hands up if you know Vanessa way back when Embassy was the shiznit. She’s still there in Republiq servicing those who don’t want a queue. Snaps to you if she is part of your annual Christmas list. Shame on you is she’s not included, shame on me too. This girl deserves a lifetime achievement award for the convenience she brings for all of us.


I haven’t tasted #Speculoos yet or any of those overrated things.

Walang kamatayang Speculoos! Utang na loob! It tastes like crushed cookies with coconut oil, okay! I’m sorry. I’ve imprinted my taste buds with Nutella and baba ghanoush. Really, it’s overrated.


I don’t know the lyrics of the song and I still sang it while dancing and fist pumping last night in Hyve. Shoot me now!

Guilty! We love songs. Music is a universal language. It doesn’t matter if you you fist pumped your way to the dance floor screaming ‘sweet elephant!’ when it’s actually Sweet Nothing by Calvin Harris. What matters most is that you feel the same energy with those who actually know the lyrics by heart. Try Googling next time. It can save face.



Promo Fare for Boracay Labor Day Weekend?!? Book it now!

The stress of booking a promo fare is tantamount to the stress you feel when presenting to a client on a Monday morning. More so if you’re booking the whole barkada. Expect more stress for people backing out. If successful however then you can now do the happy dance. What’s your happy dance?


I had my eyes on that LV Damier Ebene Neverfull bag at this online shop the whole time and it was suddenly purchased by someone else. Fcuk my life. 🙁

I don’t get why people buy signature bags online. I’m scared of the authenticity of such goods. But apparently, the women of middle class Manila do so. It’s not just a bag. It’s Jansport, I say.


Stella Artois and Hoegaarden. That’s all I’ve ever tasted, and all that’s all I’ll ever know.

My two fail-safe European beers because we’re all middle class like so. I never leveled up to Chimay, Duvel, or even Dos Equis. These taste like classic jeans, and a clean haircut. Top notes of barley, honey, and an aftertaste of slime for Hoegaarden. Or is it just me?


OMG! H&M in Manila!?! I need to make a switch.

The difficulty attaining something makes it exclusive, regardless of the price. We wore Forever21 at exclusive events when it was not available in SM. We fantasized about Jamba Juice when in reality it’s just LA’s version of Sago’t Gulaman. I love Sago’t Gulaman. And now we hear another news about our edgy brand conquering the third world. Will you make a switch once it turns Bench?


What sorcery do they have in here? People suddenly change their accent when they’re here.

I don’t understand why people change their accent when they’re at a club or somewhere exclusive, or maybe it’s the alcohol talking. Likewise, what’s with alcohol and the English language?

What’s your middle class sentiment?

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One Response to Pinoy Middle Class Sentiments

  1. middle class rant says:

    -moving up day na ang tawag sa graduation day. 3 years ago, ang gumagamit lang ng term na ito ay mga mamahalin schools, ngayun maski baranggay day care- moving up day narin ang tawag!

    -dati starbucks ang iinumin at ipopost, ngayun, pati tsaa!! na wala naman ako natandaan na mahilig sa tsaa ang pinoy

    -magnum ice cream bar

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