O Bar (Ortigas) vs. Bed Bar (Greenfield)

Update (2016 May 27): An Apology to Obar

Obar: It's fun here, parang zoo.

Obar: It’s fun here, parang zoo na palengke na Cherry Foodarama

If O Bar is your gay best friend, then O Bar is a type of friend na medyo mahilig lumandi. This type of gay friend is medyo nasty, pero funny nonetheless… borderline scandalous actually. He got more gay friends than girl friends. He probably works in a BPO somewhere in Ortigas. Shirt and jeans type of gay guy siya and uses AXE Deo Spray… sometimes naman Bench cologne like Bubblegum and Gutz. He’s straight acting, bargas, and with a slight pilantik sa little finger when drinking Red Horse or Tanduay Ice from the bottle. Speaking of pilantik ng finger, may klepto tendencies siya. I think idol niya si Wynona Ryder or Lucy Torres-Gomez. During Holy Week naman he goes to Galera for fun. He likes to watch Queer as Folk and those Filipino gay indie films like Bath House and Daybreak- nakakarelate kasi siya doon. By the way, hindi siya marunong mag-blend ng make-up or I think pinipilit niya na belonging siya sa lighter complexion. Inasal favorite food niya after a night out. He’s got many exes already and sometimes he calls or texts them up at 2:30 in the morning to say ‘What’s up?’ with a ‘;p’.


Bed Bar in Greenfield District: Arte at work.

If Bed Bar is your gay best friend. Then Bed Bar is your super arte gay friend. This type of gay friend is medyo humahigh maintenance, pero tolerable naman. He likes being around with the girls because it makes him feel like a girl too! Although it doesn’t mean naman that he is girly or malamya, steady lang parang pepper spice. His work would probably be in marketing, finance, or design somewhere in Makati or Fort. He likes wearing long sleeves na naka-fold up to the elbows with matching metallic or leather bangle as accessory, classic yun Charriol. He can be straight acting to girly depending sa set of friends he is with. He likes drinking cocktails tapos he eats the cherry stem and tries to make a square knot out of it. He goes to Boracay for Holy Week or Silom District during Songkran. Favorite niya to watch Sex and the City, Gossip Girl, and Pretty Little Liars… feeling kasi niya siya si Charlotte York- Goldenblatt, pero suma-Samatha Jones siya ng patago. Standard North Park Lechon Macau food niya after a night out. Pihikan tong’ baklang toh kaya bihira mag-text ng, ‘What’s up?’ when the clock strikes at 2:30 in the morning… more like ‘Nice meeting you, see you around!’ with ‘: )’.

Bottomline, Obar is a call center agent for fun. Si Bed naman si arte gurl. Tapos, Distillery and Opus… pavirgin na beki with licking sa bottle before drinking.

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22 Responses to O Bar (Ortigas) vs. Bed Bar (Greenfield)

  1. Anonymous says:

    hahaha i like the part “Tapos, Distillery and Opus… pavirgin na beki with licking sa bottle before drinking.”

  2. jico says:

    Eh di dyan ka na sa bed na puro pretentious ang pumupunta. Ay oo nga pala, walang tao dyan. Gwapo/maarte nga, wala naman mga pera. Ano kaya yun?

    • admin says:

      And why would i actually go to places and search for people with money? It’s a funny article, lighten up 🙂

      • Anonymous says:

        the obar trolls are getting antsy. the more they talk the more they expose the chink in their alleged armor. btw they serve drinks in plastic cups. poor form obar. poor form.

  3. anonymous says:

    ANG BABAW ng pinagtatalunan ninyo, kasing babaw ng mga utak niyo. Eh pareho namang puro mga bading ang pumupunta dyan at nagkakalat ng AIDS.

  4. anonymous says:

    Mga BADING na call center agents lang pumupunta sa mga ganyan, yung mga BADING na pasosyal pero pagdating sa bahay, puro sachet naman ang gamit. Pa-starbucks-Starbucks pa eh sweldo na niya ng kinsenas yung pambili.

  5. Kraken says:

    Ang asim naman nung last comment…. Well mga Bar yan, so it really depends on your choice kung saan ka.. Pero nakakatuwa yung comparisson. 😀 hahahaha.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Grabe na yung may klepto tendencies tsaka hindi marunong magblend. Parang binayaran ng Bed ang sumulat hahaha

    • admin says:

      actually i like Obar, people there are crazy… it’s just that my friend’s phone got stolen there. 🙁

  7. XoXo says:

    Honestly I used to love Bed Club since Malate Days, pero nung lumipat sila ng Greenfields nawala yung Spark niya sa akin.

  8. anonymous says:

    BEACH talaga ng mga BADING ang PUERTO GALERA pati BORACAY.

  9. Pinky says:

    Mas known ata na pamintahan ang Distillery sa Fort di ba rather than OBar? Hello naman sa madalas na mga sightings ng very known peppermints dun like Zuher Bautista, Martin del Rosario, Albert Guinto, Ahron Villena, Ken Alfonso among others.

  10. jico says:

    You actually love obar? Then why post comments like that? Just because nawalan ng phone ang friend mo doon. Geez you should know better. Di na natin kasalanan kung tatanga tanga si friend habang lasing.

  11. Anonymous says:

    So many trolls. Hahaha!
    Just take the blog as it is – A funny commentary based on the author’s experience.

  12. Anonymous says:

    I loved the article for its humor and its writing style. Kudos to Joem. Bottom line is both bars give the patrons a different experience, Obar has great shows, not a lot of dancing, while Bed has a kick ass sound system and fantastic DJ’s respected in Asia and the US. And the Bed Bikini Boys are nothing to sneeze at!! The highly successful white party last weekend, shows that Bed is indeed striving to deliver to the LGBT a different clubbing experience similar to the circuit parties but with a pinoy and social responsibility twist which is inclusionary to all members of the LGBT community. Obar did the same thing and donated money to their charity. So just decide who your “best friends” friends are and accept them for what and who they are. At least now we have a choice.

  13. NN says:

    haha! im a mix of both :3

  14. chardee says:

    Obar at Bed, nagsulputan ang mga BPO employee dyan. Sentro kasi ng BPO industry. sa Bed daming gwapong Agogo dancers. pero hindi matao. unlike sa Obar, daming tao kahit may hipon na dancers 😛 pero may mga itsura ang waiters.

  15. chardee says:

    bading ba si ken Alfonso? he is cute. Sumali sa pageant sa UST noong college days niya. si Ahron Villena, satrap niya. lol

    • Pepe says:

      YES NA YES. He’s out before, but now he professes to be straight now that he’s in showbiz. Good luck naman kay ken sa dami ng nakakaalam na gay siya.

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