Travel: That ‘Hashtag LaBoracay’

Foam a distance

Foam a distance: The nonsense of it all is what actually makes it great.

It’s been almost a week since ‘Hashtag LaBoracay’. After leaving paradise turned hell and back in the concrete jungle that is Manila. I must admit. I. Miss. It. After the craziness (Yes, we love crazy), your body craves for another walk in douche land. Your lips thirst for another round of mojitos. Your skin wishes to salute the sun and sweat just glow. What’s strange is that the nonsense of it all is what actually makes it great.

I still couldn’t grasp the concept of ‘Hashtag Laboracay’. Unlike Sinulog, wherein there’s an actual call for a celebration, a celebration that in all of us, there’s an inner child regardless of age. ‘Hashtag LaBoracay’ is of another level, which the girl next door of Manila will try to put into words, in the simplest of terms and the most convenient of definitions.

It’s bottomless limitless fun. Life in general should be fun, but the harsh reality of life puts the F in fun. The citizens of Manila know that too well. ‘Hashtag LaBoracay’ gives us a look and feel of how life will be with limitless fun. Sweet libations, lustful stares, and the contrabands are all part and parcel of ‘Hashtag LaBoracay’. Some people hate it. Some people love it. The girl next door of Manila after experiencing her first ‘Hashtag LaBoracay’ and still ending up safe and sound like a virgin believes that it’s not as bad as what other people think.

It’s madness. A year of meetings, approvals, and convincing those above you that you are worthy of the position you dream of, simply does not exist in ‘Hashtag LaBoracay’. It’s that time of the year when you leave the concrete jungle and simply just be in the jungle. It’s really a jungle out there so better come prepared or just come instead.

It’s that rare time when everyone is free. Free from work and relationship (hey, we don’t judge), and in that moment of freedom, it gives us a chance to discover ourselves more. What’s nice to know is the girl next door of Manila, is really a girl next door of Manila. So let’s cheers to that.

Now that we are back in the concrete jungle, it’s good to know that life can’t be about limitless fun. Our choices in life will have repercussions, and we will be judged, and we’ll judge them in return. That’s what we do.


The one taking the picture is the only one with flair. #DoItWithFlair

Forget, ignore, and let go of the douchebags, people without substance, the self-entitled and privileged college kids in their Valley girl accent and calls paradise, Bora, or worse ‘LaBoracay‘, the mandatory fist pumping dance, the obvious and not so discreet party poppers, the lip rapists who didn’t bring foods, and the inevitable commercialism.

A b*tch in paradise.

‘Hashtag LaBoracay’ turns into paradise at five in the morning, leaving one true b*itch in town… a dog.

And simply remember the friends you have, which shows how good of a person you are. The new friends you meet, which serves as a sign of better things to come. And the drama you experienced as a lesson for your heart and for your soul. In the end, there is still beauty in paradise turned hell, literally and figuratively.


Bolabog: There is peace and tranquility on the other side.

They say don’t be a maybe for ‘Hashtag LaBoracay’, but don’t worry. The girl next door of Manila will be the one to call you next year.

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  1. Bea says:

    I miss you huhu.. we need a travel date!

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