Review: Robust-ed Sex Pills, Sex Feels

I’m the type of person who’ll try anything just for experience. It’s a way to broaden my mind and add a story for that unique conversation starter with future dates. Standard Q&As about work, hobbies, even future plans bore me to death. On the other end of my weirdness, questions that revolve around unicorns and the forbidden make my heart skip a beat, which can eventually lead to sparks and Katy Perry fireworks.

A perfect opportunity to add another life experience AKA story presented itself last Sunday when Kuya sent a message:


Typical pasalubong for friends abroad: Argentina corned beef, Chocnut, Lucky Me, and Robust.

Is it really pasalubong for your friends in New York or nahihiya ka lang bumili ng over the counter sex pills. Because of that, I bought 15 and charged it under your name.


The ideal shade of Grey: Stocky (not obese) with a light sprinkling of facial hair.

For recreational purposes, I took two before sleep. I was hoping to dream about a stocky Christian Grey with a five o’clock shadow starring in his very own Bait Bus series. Unfortunately, these things aren’t as exciting as what they claim to be. Their claim for not having anything is in fact true.


No approved therapeutic claims: More like, no claims.

For one, the overall feel is dry and thirsty. Your deep slumber turns into a powerless nap. Your body feels like nothing. Yes! Nothing. If this is what lovemaking is supposed to be then probably watching porn is better; slippery when wet, exhaustingly fulfilling with a sleep that gives you a ‘Hey, I just watched Pornhub last night’ glow the next day.

In conclusion, coming from Robust and me. No one came.

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2 Responses to Review: Robust-ed Sex Pills, Sex Feels

  1. Alex says:

    Hello dear.
    You probably took an other product, otherwise is imposible do not feel the results of this peel. There are two types. One stronger than the other one. I bought the Robust Xtreme in a drugstore in Phillipines. This drug is from there. I am an Escort and need this to help me with clients. I have taken most of the drugs in the market and this one for far is the best as do not have any side effects and works for 5 to 6 days, taking one pill only. I do not know where you got yours from but i bought several boxes as to me is the best of the best.

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