A Tempura’s Science of Style

For as long as you carry yourself well, have that charming personality, a gift of gab, and ultimately wear anything with style, then you’re a tempura.

What is a tempura?


Famous hipons include Katrina Halili, Rayver Cruz, and Fitness First members.

Hipon/ Shrimp/ Butter Face: Everything’s nice but his/her face.


Famous lollipops include Geoff Eigenmann (if you’re not a chub chaser), Adele, and KC Concepcion.

Lollipop: Exactly the opposite of hipon/ shrimp/ butter face.

Tempura: A person exuding appeal not by looks or body figure, but by their style or porma. Famous tempuras include John Lloyd Cruz (if with a stylist), Karl Michael, Liz Uy, and my current crush, the Intern.

Style can bring you to places where fellow hipons and lollipops go. It gives you respect, authority, and time from others to give you a second of their day, That crucial second is a chance to capture people with your gift, not of looks but of talent. You see, style is a way in for people to validate your existence.

Style is a subjective matter, but just like wine, you can never go wrong with the classics.

dress shirt

Dress Shirt lifespan: You can wear them until your next job promotion.

Dress Shirt: Having studied men’s wear tailoring, a good fit is all that matters. Buy good quality fabrics and have them tailored in Kamuning for 750 bucks. Personal favorites include a yoke and cuff links instead of buttons.


Jeggings are like the flare/ elephant pants of the new generation.

Pants: Current crush wears jeggings, It’s OK no need to be judgmental. Likewise, if you’re not obese, it can highlight your Melanie Marquesque Long legged. It’s perfect at emphasizing your shoes too, and speaking of the #shoe.


Zalora’s Marketplace: A good investment for a style rehash.

Shoes: Women are for bags and men are for shoes. Be it sneakers or leather, just make sure it looks clean. Personal favorites include espadrilles for the beach, and wingtips at work. Looking at Zalora, their Marketplace offers a wide variety of shoes for men. It’s a good initial investment if you’re starting your style rehash.

You can conquer Paris like KC Concepcion or star in a sex tape with Hayden Kho just like Katrina Halili or simply have a ménage à trois of a stylish dress shirt+ pants+ shoes to score a perfect date that can lead to fireworks.

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