Philippine Election 2016: Who is Grace Poe?

This will be as a series of posts that will eventually lead to my decision on who to vote this presidential elections.

Pagaartista: Itutuloy ko ang ginawa ng tatay ko.

Pagaartista: Itutuloy ko ang ginawa ng tatay ko.

234 days before the election, Grace Poe officially announced her dreams to tend the gardens in the Palace of Malacanan. She is a newbie senator, a loving daughter of celebrity parents, and moves around the friendship circle of ousted president, womanizer, alcoholic, action star, and crook Erap Estrada (the late FPJ is a BFF of EEE). She is the older sister of Lovi (Kapuso starlet), and probably an inaanak of most of the old and decrepit Sampaguita Picture babies. In other words, she’s blessed to be shielded away from the realities of Las Islas Filipinas.


Chiz: Talkin’ talk is not just talk, being there is half the walk.

She chose Chiz Escudero to be her number two (or could it be the other way around?). Chiz‘s claim to fame is his ability to romanticize the Filipino language and make it sound French. He specializes in  concocting political strategies that work best for him. Likewise, he has a 5th rated Marian Rivera copycat trophy second wife, who loves to spend time alone, applying Lancome lip gloss, combing her straight no-frizz hair, and just looking at the mirror way back in CSA high. BTW, the second wife’s name is Love Marie Payawal Ongpauco AKA Heart Evangelista- pretty chinita and #blessed AKA #barriofiestababy. In other words, Chiz is a charmer that looks like a love child of Mr. Bean and Bamboo Manalac.


Will Grace’s FOI bill finally let the public know about the truth behind Heart’s breast augmentation and double eyelid surgery? Or will it be just an approved bill implemented poorly like that of RH.

Grace Poe lives in a gated subdivision far from the realities and hardships of Purok 3, Barangay Kuli-kuli. She tried riding the MRT like Anne Curtis-Smith, instagrammed about it in the senate committee, got a few hundred likes, and that’s about it. She speaks of the FOI bill as if it’s a map to heaven’s gate. How to get there however is still a mystery. How much information will be published should the FOI prosper?


Keep the rewards within the upper crust of society and let the public have their measly crumbs.

If the playing field is in the dance floor of Embassy SuperClub (sorry for the analogy, I’m #TitasOfManila already), her glam team will be listed in the VVVIP area drinking lychee martinis while the rest have their unfair share of complementary beer. They will enter the back door kitchen and avoid the door bitch, Aslie and Vanessa. She will be dancing and hobnobbing with her kababatas from Wack-Wack and California, Auntie Boots, Uncle Danding, Kuya Albert, sons and daughters of owners, coke whores, and gangsters on the side. These VVVIPs will be the future ambassadors of our country with records of tax evasion, smuggling, and/ or money laundering. Unfortunately, only the #blessed few will be benefiting from her possible win. It’s the same cycle all over again.


Grace Poe: I’ll use the MRT card to win votes.

Grace Poe is not the ideal representation of what a Filipino candidate should be. She is pampered, processed, and trained to reap the fruits of labor worked hard by the middle class and the bounty given freely to her VVVIP glam team. Her knowledge and experience of the current state of our country is based from a single MRT ride. She knows too little and talks too much, puro berber. Nevertheless, it’s so delicious to hear the sweet promises and all that glitters. Sadly, we’ve heard, voted, and seen it before.


Ako ay Pilipino: Renounced citizenship to be an American only to return after finding out that the greener pasture is in the forsaken motherland.

She is Grace Poe. A first time senator, backed up by celebrities. She chose to live a simple life in the suburbs of middle America far from bowels of the Philippines and now she has the so-called reason to run the country as if she was there with us in times when we were suffering.

Isipin mo na lang that she’s still better than Binay.

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