Why Leni is My VP


Kalachuchi/ Plumeria/ Champa: Walking to the MRT outside Philam, a Kalachuchi tree shows her beauty. FYI, the kalachuchi symbolizes new birth or beginnings.

I was walking on my way to my grandmother’s house in Philam Homes, Quezon City to get my car parked at her place and drive home after a tiring day of work. You see, my weekday routine involves driving the car to Philam for free parking, greeting my 100-year old grandma with a beso, and walking to MRT North Avenue Station for a ride to CBD. My short walk going to my grandmother’s home was a bit different last night. I saw four titas dancing Zumba sa may sidewalk and noticed that one of the titas was actually Leni Robredo in her yellow and black ensemble.

Kaloka! I immediately approached her and said that my mom will vote for her. She smiled. I also said that of all the candidates running for president and vice-president, medyo sureballs ako sa kanya. I was rooting for Duterte before but with the kind of behavior he’s exhibiting, medyo napapa-cringe ako. I also apologized to her since I am not convinced with Mar’s performance kasi I am a daily victim who experiences one of the biggest inefficiencies in EDSA, the MRT. He could have shined through the campaign if he could have just done his job well fixing the MRT when he was with DOTC.

EDSA inefficiencies Photo by Mara Jocson ?

EDSA inefficiencies Photo by Mara Jocson

Leni smiled at me. She apologized and comforted me that I will be able to make a decision come Election Day. She admitted that they are having a hard time convincing people to vote for Mar Roxas. She also shared a funny observation wherein she gets to interact with corrupt politicians and finds them mabait, ‘natatawa nga ako’, sabi niya.

I smiled and requested for a photo shoot. One of the titas grabbed my phone and started taking pictures of us. I requested a shot wherein I laid my head on her chest, very mother and child lang ang peg. There was also a shot of us doing duck face. There’s also this one wherein we put our hands on our waist and did the natatae pose. Lastly, a shot wherein a tita climbed the kalachuchi tree to take a photo of us looking up like may bagong umagang parating.


Shot list: Mother and child, Duckface, LBM, and tingin sa taas.

I suddenly woke up realizing that it was just a dream. For a moment, I smiled and knew from that morning on, Leni is my VP. And I’m late for work again. True story.

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