An Apology to Obar

In the truest and every sense of the word, I just want to say na I. AM. SORRYSORRY naaaa! Back in 2014, one half of the Manila becks were ‘butt hurt’ on how I judged them for going to O Bar instead of the other. These beklers cast a spell and bound me for doing harm. The other witty half however took it as light as feather. This resulted in the gay divide. (Read: O Bar vs. Bed Bar).

Fast forward to now, it’s pretty obvious that the best slut in town is simply O.  It dominated the others and reinvented itself from being a curious bottom to a hot top in only two years’ time. Honestly however, WE, the citizens of Oz feel a bit limited.

O is OK. O is Olrayt. It is no longer masikip and mainit, no more kleptos. The drag shows are fun to watch kahit na yun sets are on repeat mode, I failed to mention this back in 2014 (Sorry na pohz, Ms. Dee Dee). In fact, one of the legit reasons to visit O is the drag show performance. The queens have so much passion in their craft, you’ll give them an alleluia instead of an amen. I’ve been told by friends from around the world that it is simply world class.

O puts the O in Only One.

O puts the O in Only One.

So there. Sorry na talaga! People change, gay bars change. Manila is left with only one and O is literally the only one. So instead of taking it apart, why not take part, diba?

Manila Becks, are there any more decent gay bars in Manila?

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