The Curious Case of Karla Singson, Her Donut Philosphy and Moving Forward

Admit it mga beshies, we love a good doughnut (DD pa rin for me though!), great deals and viral controversies of the so-called influencers. Gosh! I still miss Michelle Phan. Never forget the goddess.

So what exactly can we learn from Madam Karla’s post?

Coming from a so-called, trying hard, striving and thriving, self-proclaimed fifth-tier blogger myself…

Walang basagan ng trip!

A couple of years ago, I saw a yaya pushing a stroller in Fort Bonifacio and inside it was a… DOG! I purposely said BALIW because I wanted to feel like Gretchen Wieners for a day. When La Lola was newly opened in Powerplant and lines stretched from one end to the other, I made snide remarks to the people lining up, saying “over rated, over rated… Dulcinea pa rin mga ulol!” I also judged people wearing Bench and gays sporting their summer underwear collection as their DP in Grindr.

In the end, it just proved that I was an asshole and here I am today wearing a black Bench jogger loungewear pants at work every week because I just love it. Respect begets respect. #YouDoYou, basta wala kang tinatapakan.

J.Co peeps were lining up properly minding their own business. Maybe you should have used Zark Burger to prove a point instead?

The Privileged Approach

Sorry naman at dakilang empleyado lang us and she has the business acumen and mindset helping SME owners reach and maintain highly profitable months by refining their branding, marketing and revenue optimization (whatta copy!).

Well, I’m sorry that I fail to see the better part of life. Sorry that we are wasting our existence with what we think is worthwhile. Sorry that I watch porn at night instead of investing in stocks.

True! She can rightfully claim her higher knowledge regarding financial success just like most of the downline Frontrow networkers. She’s already proven her early success with a house, a car, and a business before turning 30, pre-AFAM boyfriend. But what she failed to do is positively communicate this to her fan base. A true marketer should learn the basics of communication and a confidently beautiful human being with a heart should also never judge. In the end, we must always think before we click.

Winnur si ateh gurl.

It seems to me that this is not her first digital boo-boo though, but TBH her tips to combat inflation 6 months ago is not really offensive, maybe poorly constructed but not offensive at all.

Social media is pretty simple, dear! If you have nothing good to post… DO NOT POST IT! You can talk shit and look down on those people who are not financially literate during your talks for your selective paying audience in private but to publicly post something is already considered a free for all so don’t cry foul when you’ve cast the first doughnut.

D-avao listed influencer

Though we haven’t heard of the Karla Singson’s Midas touch here in imperial Manila, we must always remember that there is someone out there more beautiful and better than us in Cebu, Dumaguete or anywhere else in the world. It doesn’t give us the right however to look down on common folk and judge their lifestyle as wasteful with matching laughing emoji.

I’m pretty sure she gives inspiring speeches and teaches life skills in Durian Land the same way polluted Manila adores Dante Gulapa. Basing from her digital footprint of an average views of 90 in Youtube, a thousand views in Facebook, the Donut-gate is by far her claim to online fame realness that can catapult her to influencer tier-three. She can now join Nufffnang.

Arrogance and Apology

When is the right time to stand firm in what we passionately believe is true and when is the right time to apologize for what we have intentionally or unintentionally done wrong? Your question is as good as mine.

But personally, there is no harm in apologizing. Big brands do it too, and I think a small brand like hers should too.

UPDATE: Seems like there is a ‘form’ of an apology. So I guess we can all put an end to this brouhaha.

In the end, J.CO and the Karla Singson gets additional mileage and you get to eat your doughnut.

Google Trend says winnur pa rin J.CO, gurl. At least you existed for a while. Keep it up and enjoy your additional 1,000 followers.


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