About Just Joem

“You’re the only one who needs to rule your world.”

A rollercoaster ride of something-something; I created this blog NOT for YOU, but SIMPLY for ME ergo the name, JUSTJOEM. If you don’t agree with my life, there’s always the firewall option.

Top of Mind: Friends. Family. God. Love. Capoeira. Vanity. Artsy Fartsy. Advertising. Creatives. Crazy. Weird. Weekend. Beach. Photos. Work. Improvise. Do It Yourself. Free Thinker. Blonde. Modern. Beer. Jack Daniels. Ukay-ukay. Cheap. Luxury. Pop.

Digital Presence: Here’s my FB Account. This is my Twitter. My old-school Friendster and the classic Multiply.

4 Responses to About Just Joem

  1. Paolo Santos says:

    Where can i have some discreet action? Please email me

    • admin says:

      Definitely not on this site. This site is all about bubbles, glitters, and rainbows. I’ll ask Charice and get back to you soonest.

  2. king santos says:


    how to have a password on the private section?

    Thank you

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