Whatever I write here is not connected with the job that I love, the business that I dream of, the friends or acquaintances that I meet and the crazy family I’m genetically predestined into.

This place is just me (ergo the name: Just Joem). If ever you feel violated, abused or offended with the non sense things that I write, let me say to you that Perez Hilton is a free whatever, Conan still punches with the same in-your-face jokes, the Gucci Gang didn’t sue Gorrell and I am no public figure or a star like Lady Gaga. Reality bites sweetie. Cyber bullying is not yet a crime in the third world so let’s make the most out of it. It’s fun when everything in the world is taken lightly, so don’t take yourself too seriously… you’re not that smart. I’m not that beautiful either.

The best thing you can do is to send me a message  so I can take it down in two years. Haters hate. Lovers love. I am part of this ecosystem as you are. We can co-exist without lawyers. Bottom line, I am really a nice person.



Joem Segovia

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  1. bin says:

    Hi Joem,

    I find your site interesting. How can I get a password for protected posts?


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