Salute to 2013 says 2012

And just like that, it’s 2013. You’ve survived what you thought would be the end of your world… and we’re not talking about the Mayan prophecy.

The year that was made you realize that you don’t want to see yourself ending up alone. The imagery of that single, independent, worry-free, I complete me, Sex and the City character that you’ve once personified is slowly fading away. It’s bittersweet, but necessary nonetheless. Fairfarren Carrie, Samantha, Miranda, and Charlotte.

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Cheapaz Beauty Products That Work (part 1)

I don’t have porcelain kutis-papaya skin for the simple reason of Belo not touching mine just yet. I’m also not an endorser, but sana soon for CY Gabriel, lol! Truth is, I’m still saving up for my e-matrix and nose job treatment, and when that finally happens, I can finally regain my beauty and confidence. Yes! I am that shallow even if I’m not blonde and blue eyed.

So while saving up for that future overhaul with an estimated cost of 30k for both cartilage nose surgery and e-matrix treatment, I get by with these fab finds. Sharing is indeed caring with cheap things that surely work. Remember, you turn beautiful during breakups, SWEAR!

Neutrogena Clear Cleansing Bar

Back to Basics.

Basic is key, and how can you get any more basic than this transparent soap with nothing on it? We’ve tried everything that foams, smells, buffs, and even stings. This bar still wins overall. Use it with a buffer like so. I bought the buffer at Saizen. It’s a poor gay’s answer to Clairsonic Mia.

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Inked at Republic Tattoo

I got inked a couple of weeks ago, and it’s quite liberating… like making out. I can strike this out my bucket list now. True enough, you do these things when you have gone through something and survived it with flying colors. A friend did. I did (plus weight loss! Belat!).

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Nostalgia: Wilson Phillips Live in Manila!

You’re all for nostalgia. You love that feeling of looking back and relishing the moment of years gone by; of mixtapes, Little Mermaid, Ang TV, and the Spice Girls. This is probably why you can’t easily forget and you have difficulty in moving on with the dramas of your life; heartbreak and all. Nevertheless, you love nostalgiagasm: The orgasmic feeling you get from looking back. What better way to relive it by seeing the Wilson Phillips, pare!

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Video Log: Outbreak Manila

Awesome. I give it an 8/10.

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Top 10 Places in Manila for Your Secret Someone

Update 2014 February 11: I don’t understand why this is the most read article here. Anyway, do not read this if you’re expecting something like Antonio’s or Vask even. This article is not about taking your loved ones to romantic places or even hidden gemstones in Manila. This article is about taking your SECRET someone to a secret place so they can’t be seen or be heard.

Likewise, for the foreigners out there… these are not tourist spots. You won’t understand this article if you’re not Filipino. Will make one for you guys soon!

Don’t hate me. I’m really mabait. Xoxo- Joem

You are bound to meet someone within a kilometer radius here in Manila. If you’re single and you intend to keep it that way, taking your date to Rockwell for a Chef Jessie Saturday lunch is definitely not an option. You’re single, and we know it. You’re strong, independent minded, crazy, sexy, cool just like Zooey, who we love and adore! Just like a new car, your market value is up when mileage is close to zero.

If you’re taken and you have a reputation to protect, taking number two or four in Serendra is surely a legitimate relationship suicide. You’ll definitely receive a call from your partner requesting for your coordinates. Do prepare a bio-data of the querida when you get home. Don’t lie. Manila has eagle eyes. Why not take them to Antipolo instead? Its got the best Manila view comparable to Skye Lounge, cheap pa!

Bottom line, I always believe that introducing a special someone to friends is tantamount to pamamanhikan. And for sure, that ain’t gonna happen in this lifetime unless you’re the one. It doesn’t mean however that the dating possibilities will be limited to condo dinner and DVD marathons yet again!

For your learnings today, there are still places in Manila that are not as overexposed like Boracay. There are still hidden gemstones for your secret someone because we all know that Greenbelt will always be for the special one AKA your press release, and the hidden gemstones are for your getting to know stage without the high cost.

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Weekend Playlist 2: Fall for Summer

The sands shift beneath our feet as we take a sip of the summer drink for 2012. Preferably a Caipirinha this season, I finally perfected the mix with the right ratio of cachaca, lime, and raw sugar… to think we substitute Grey Goose years ago!

With a perfect beach… Boracay at the bare minimum, aforementioned drink or if all else fails; JD+Coke or Super Dry, friends you love or lovers after friends in tow, there is still however a missing puzzle piece. To complete, here’s the Weekend Playlist 2 prepared on a midweek for your audio appreciation. This time, it’s got a hint of summer ideal for your sun kissed getaway.

Self Machine by I Blame Coco

This is my selected song for Saigon Weekend. I think I don’t need to explain a feel good music perfect for long drives while eating McDonald’s drive-thru junk and double hot fudge sundae.

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Travel: Saigon, the Basics

Crazy hits it the second time around in Saigon. RSVP-NO to my 10-year high school reunion and an absence for a weekend getaway with friends at Tagaytay. Enough with the guilt trip na. So here’s a simple guide for a kuripot weekend in Saigon… just because it was unplanned and all. Lol!

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Protected: the Coño Kid

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Brasilipinas 2012 on February 17

It’s that time of the year again to have a big party, which somehow I can compare to New Year’s Eve. This February 17, 2012 (Friday) is BRASILIPINAS at the Rockwell Tent.

Turn on your samba moves. The drinks are on us. Hear the beating drums.  Be amazed with the art of Capoeira. And simply dance the night away with great music and…. Overflowing CUTE people, this I can guarantee for sure! Even a friend told me last year that cute people converge for Brasilipinas!

No Opus, Republiq, or Skye muna cuz on February 17 everyone will be real, dancing and free for Brasilipinas!

It’s definitely more fun in the Philippines on Feb. 17. See you there!

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