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A Tempura’s Science of Style

For as long as you carry yourself well, have that charming personality, a gift of gab, and ultimately wear anything with style, then you’re a tempura. What is a tempura? Hipon/ Shrimp/ Butter Face: Everything’s nice but his/her face. Lollipop: … Continue reading

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Review: That Bench Perfume

I’ve been looking for an inexpensive, everyday, classic, and unique perfume like Azul pour homme et femme by Baby Johnson and there’s no way I’m wasting a 4k bottle of Jo Malone’s Nectarine Blossom & Honey combined with Blue Agave … Continue reading

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Simple vs. Complicated Girls

And so the war continues. This is a tabular representation to know if you’re a simple or a complicated girlaloo taken from Chuvaness and Divasoria, these ladies are made of sheer brilliance for creating a faction between the two… plus … Continue reading

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The Best of Welcome to The Zoo

I miss this! Not so long ago we had links with the Secosana Gang and snort confectioner’s sugar instead of the real deal (coz’ we are sweet and innocent like that), we’d do Embassy almost everyday. From Superklasse to Snap … Continue reading

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The Concept of Coño: UP vs. La Salle

While sipping Jim Beams and San Mig Apples. Lesther (UP): I was criticized for being coño when I was in UP. Joem (La Salle): Talaga!?! Baaaahket? Lesther: I had my head shaven, leaving a small patch of hair at the … Continue reading

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